It is high time

For something exciting, something playfully serious, something that stays with us as we fall asleep and propels us into wakefulness the next morning, something we can live and die for, something beautiful and dangerous, something…

And so it goes…

Enter the hero. Enter the man. The intrepid character from countless stories of courage and steel, sprinting into darkness, with a “hell yes,” to collect the prize behind the monsters of the deep. A daunting task, no doubt, the hero’s journey– an enlivened and embodied passion for life, but death, in response, takes residence around every corner. And thus the danger, the excitement, the dance. We know the story. We crave the story.

And so it goes…

We shall discuss these stories, analyse their psychology, and if we are wise, accept them into our lexicon, for the advancement and optimization of our selves. It is our will, it is our destiny.

This will be our book club. For those of us hungry for inspiration, excitement, purpose, nuance, and certainly power. We want to weild it well.

And here we go…


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