Both Here and Not Here

Listen, friends:

“All beings support yin and embrace yang

and the interplay of these two forces

fills the universe

Yet only at the still-point,

between the breathing in and the breathing out,

can one capture these two in perfect harmony.”

Here at last, we have a distillation of Taoist thought. But take heed, for Tao is a contradictory, playful animal, both here, there, everywhere and nowhere, simultaneously. Playful to say the least! We observe in the text, yin and yang, dual forces forever at a universal interplay of being and becoming, both contrary and complementary. At the meeting point of these cooperative forces–stillness, silence, and motionlessness–harmony emerges and takes shape like the man shedding boyhood. The symbolic teardrop, white, yin, connected to the teardrop, black, yang, when harmoniously interconnected and properly channeled, leaves one with the perfect circle, the All One.

Friends, this is the moment we strive for. This is the moment of ecstasy and wholeness. We live and die in this moment, for both are the same. Far from nihilism, for this is the moment of transcendent meaning and overwhelming purpose. Nature, joy, stillness, connection, awareness interconnect and disperse throughout our bodies into a perfect storm of calm ferocity.

“When there is silence

one finds peace

When there is silence

one finds the anchor of the universe within himself.”

Our channel is silence and stillness. Find the silence, friends, for it is before your very eyes. Garner your brimming strength and let us catapult toward our homeland. We are nearly there!


The First Five

O Muse! Bestow us the gall to research, read, and ruminate over the themes, archetypes, and philosophies present within each narrative in order to develop and articulate a coherent message as we dialogue with our colleagues, neighbors, and ourselves. Indeed, a close study of just one piece below is grounds for decades of professional devotion. Nevertheless, we carry on with our task. We must carry on.

The first list to occupy the thought-space in our ever-unfolding days:

Tao Te Ching by Lao Tzu

Thus Spoke Zarathustra by Friedrich Nietzsche

Stranger in a Strange Land by Robert A. Heinlein

Moby Dick by Herman Melville

a) The Iliad b) The Odyssey by Homer

It is high time

For something exciting, something playfully serious, something that stays with us as we fall asleep and propels us into wakefulness the next morning, something we can live and die for, something beautiful and dangerous, something…

And so it goes…

Enter the hero. Enter the man. The intrepid character from countless stories of courage and steel, sprinting into darkness, with a “hell yes,” to collect the prize behind the monsters of the deep. A daunting task, no doubt, the hero’s journey– an enlivened and embodied passion for life, but death, in response, takes residence around every corner. And thus the danger, the excitement, the dance. We know the story. We crave the story.

And so it goes…

We shall discuss these stories, analyse their psychology, and if we are wise, accept them into our lexicon, for the advancement and optimization of our selves. It is our will, it is our destiny.

This will be our book club. For those of us hungry for inspiration, excitement, purpose, nuance, and certainly power. We want to weild it well.

And here we go…